Alturos AG joins Juniper Group

May 16, 2024

Zurich, Switzerland, May 14th, 2024 – Juniper Group, an operating group of Vela Software and Constellation Software, Inc. (TSX:CSU), is pleased to announce the acquisition of Alturos AG (“Alturos”), an innovative one-stop solution for seamless digital sales, communication and guest entertainment for tourism offices, destination management organizations, transport operators and ski resorts.

This strategic acquisition represents another relevant milestone for the Travel & Hospitality arm of Juniper Group in its pursuit of being recognized as the leading end-to-end travel software partner globally. With this achievement, Juniper Group further strengthens its footprint across the DACH region, allowing the group to add up unique sales and digital capabilities and functionalities for destination service providers, as well.

“We are delighted to welcome Alturos to our exclusive network of travel software companies. Alturos has great potential for growth, both regionally and internationally. We are confident about Alturos Management’s ability to continue growing the business and improving the service by leveraging our business network, market expertise and infrastructure setup” said Mr. Jaime Sastre, CEO of Juniper Group and Founder of Juniper Travel Technology.

Mr. Gilberto Loacker, Chairman and Co-Founder of Alturos, and Mr. Michael Saringer, CEO and Co-Founder of Alturos, commented: “We have been looking for a strategic partner for several years, and we are proud that we have finally found Juniper Group to support our future growth and ensure rock-solid financial stability for all our customers and employees. Joining the largest portfolio of Constellation Software in the tourism industry allows us to find synergies with other international travel tech companies, enhancing our capabilities and B2B distribution on a global scale. We look forward to the upcoming collaborations with Juniper Group’s peer companies to boost our business and add incremental value to our products and services”.

About Alturos:

Alturos is a leading travel tech software provider specializing in destination marketplace solutions through a unique SaaS platform, “Destination OS”. Alturos is dedicated to transforming how touristic destinations are marketed to consumers (B2C) and resellers (B2B) using cutting-edge technology. Additionally, Alturos has built one of the largest skier communities, “”, focusing on entertainment, gamification, and loyalty programs for mountain and adventure enthusiasts. More info at

About Juniper Group:

Juniper Group, a portfolio of Vela Software and Constellation Software, is a fast-growing software conglomerate of Vertical Market Software companies, having a particular focus on travel & hospitality, manufacturing & logistics, finance, banking & insurance, healthcare, public sector and oil & gas verticals. Juniper Group currently employs over 2,250 employees all over the world. More info at

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