Juniper Acquires T4W (Cangooroo)

September 6, 2017


Sao Paulo, Brazil – September 6th 2017 – Juniper announced today that it has completed the acquisition of T4W (Cangooroo). Cangooroo was created in 2009, and has become the leading and most complete online reservations platform in Brazil, allowing its customers to sell more, with greater quality and productivity, covering services in the leisure, corporate and hospitality areas.

“Juniper is pleased to welcome T4W’s clients to our family. We are excited about adding the great staff and Management team to the Juniper and Emphasys family as we look to build upon the great success Juniper and T4W have already achieved within the Travel Industry.” Said Jaime Sastre, Juniper CEO.

Werner Heilbrun, Chief Executive Officer of T4W, stated, “I’m proud of the achievements T4W has accomplished within the past years and I am looking forward to joining the Juniper group as this is going to enable our expansion throughout the world as well as to increase our investment in research and development. We are excited that our management team not only stays intact but that we now have the opportunity to leverage Juniper knowledge and work with their management team. Our staff is excited about the coming efforts to continue to offer a greater service level to our clients and bring them more opportunities for growth.”

T4W’s acquisition does not include Anzol nor Iterpec businesses which have been separated from the group and will continue to run independently. The strategy for the Juniper group includes only technology related businesses for the benefit of all their customers around the world. Cangooroo is a product that serves the needs of a specific group of travel companies and that is complementary to Juniper’s booking engine. The synergies between Juniper and T4W will provide the customers of both companies with more opportunities to grow and improve performance.

About Juniper:
Juniper is a global leading provider of Travel Distribution Software to Tour Operators, OTAs and Destination Management Companies in the travel industry. Juniper has leading edge technology and a highly committed leadership team that has grown tremendously through the market over the past years. With over 200 employees, Juniper serves more than 200 customers in 43 countries. For more information on Juniper, visit

About T4W:
T4W is the leading provider of Travel Distribution Software to the Tour Operators and travel agencies in Brazil within the Travel space. For more information on T4W visit

About Emphasys Software:
Emphasys Software provides an array of software solutions and related services to entities in the public and private sectors, including affordable housing agencies, local municipalities, travel and tour operators, real estate brokers and agents, and financial lenders. For more information on Emphasys Software, visit

Jaime Sastre Chief Executive Officer Juniper
Werner Heilbrun Chief Executive Officer T4W

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