Juniper Group Acquires Insite

October 24, 2022

Ljubljana, Zagreb, October 24th, 2022 – Halcom, a leading provider of innovative solutions for payment systems, is pleased to announce it has acquired Insite, an experienced industry-oriented CRM provider, with a strong focus on banking, insurance and retail.

Halcom’s first acquisition as part of Juniper Group, an operating group within Vela Software and Constellation Software, Inc., represents an important milestone for the company. The investment will bolster Halcom’s strategic value proposition to its customers in the financial industry and consolidate its footprint in South-eastern Europe. For Insite, becoming part of a global software conglomerate and a recognized regional vendor opens important new market opportunities.

“We are excited about our first acquisition, even more so because Insite’s CRM banking solutions complement Halcom’s digital offering so well. Together, we will be able to offer banks and other financial institutions a unique solution portfolio in the region initially, and globally in the coming years,” stated Mr. Tomi Šefman, CEO of Halcom.

Mr. Tomislav Lazarić, General Manager of Insite, commented: “Becoming part of Halcom means a turning point for Insite and we are proud to be recognized as a reliable provider of innovative CRM solutions to banks”.

Ms. Katarina Šiber Makar, Juniper Group’s Senior Vice President for Business Development: “We expect this to be the first in a row of several acquisitions in the upcoming years which will support Halcom’s strong growth.“

About Halcom: Halcom, a leading business unit of Juniper Group in the payment and banking verticals, has played a pioneering role in the field of developing payment systems in Central and South-East Europe for over 30 years. With two continents, 7 markets, more than 50 banks, 2 central banks and clearing houses and more than 570.000 issued digital certificates, Halcom ranks among the top providers of innovative and secure payment and financial services. More info at

About Insite: Insite is an innovative supplier of CRM systems. The quality of their CRM solution has been for 20 years successfully recognized by satisfied customers among largest European banking members and retail companies. With 5.5 million end customers served, Insite ranks among the top providers of CRM solution for banks. More info at

About Juniper Group: Juniper Group, an operating group of Vela Software and Constellation Software, Inc. [TSX:CSU], is a fast-growing software conglomerate with a focus mainly on travel, aviation,[AD1] healthcare, finance, banking, insurance and oil & gas. Juniper Group, currently comprised of over 1,200 employees all over the world, invests in and partners with software businesses permanently, serving customers in specific or adjacent industry verticals. More info at

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