Juniper Group Acquires IST Cruise Technology

August 22, 2022

Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain, August 2, 2022 – Juniper (a division of Juniper Group), a leading supplier of technological solutions in the tourism industry, has announced today the completion of IST acquisition, the trailblazing technology-company offering solutions for the online sale of cruises.

“The goal of our project is to grow based on the great success that Juniper and IST have achieved in the tourism industry. The acquisition of IST is part of our strategy to continue being the leading company in technological solutions for the travel industry, while adding to our product portfolio the technology and experience of a highly specialized team with know-how on the cruise industry and its needs. By incorporating IST to our vertical, all our clients will be able to benefit from more comprehensive multi-product solutions, with cruises being another differentiating element within our portfolio from now on. IST’s clients will be able to access dynamic distribution solutions for all the products offered by the Juniper and Cangooroo Booking Engines.” said Juan Mateos, General Manager of Juniper.

Besides, Jaime Sastre, CEO of Juniper Group, added: “The acquisition of IST-Fibos is another step in our goal of creating a portfolio of technology companies dedicated to providing solutions to the tourism industry globally, while being led by the hand of expert teams.”

Manuel Sardi, CEO of IST, stated: “Joining Juniper and its Group is undoubtedly a guarantee for the future that will allow us to globally deliver cruise product to more distributors and to strengthen ties with the industry – if there is still room for it – as well as with our clients. Juniper’s leading position will enable us to increase products and services immediately.”

About Juniper, Since 2014, Juniper has been part of the Juniper Group. Since 2003, Juniper, a global travel technology company, has provided the best online solutions for the tourism industry (OTAs, DMCs, BedBanks, Airlines, and Wholesalers). Juniper offers flexible and modular Booking Engines (Juniper and Cangooroo Booking Engines) that can be adapted to the needs of each business.

With over 360 XML integrations with external suppliers, Juniper has the broadest connectivity portfolio in the world. Also, it has more than 360 clients in 50 countries who already trust its technology and its commitment to quality and service, meeting their needs in an environment that is constantly changing and evolving.

Juniper has a team of more than 280 professionals with experience in technology and travel, located at the Juniper headquarters in Palma (Spain), Cangooroo in São Paulo (Brazil), Miami (USA), Cali (Colombia) and Dubai (UAE). Juniper’s team is highly specialized and committed to providing the highest quality service to their Clients. Thanks to this, they have experienced great growth in the market in recent years.

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About IST is a technology partner expert in the distribution and sale of online cruises. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, IST is integrated with more than 30 cruise companies and more than 40,000 travel agencies to boost cruise sales.

IST offers API integrations and cruise booking systems that adapt to the needs and models of each business. Through its robust FIBOS technology, IST provides travel agencies, tour operators and wholesalers with the possibility of creating a booking engine according to their brand criteria, following their own flow, adapted to their internal systems and business model, with flexibility to modify it at any time according to their conversion ratios.

This technology can be applied to B2C websites where the product is offered directly to the consumer, but B2B applications are also developed through their intranets or applications for mobile devices.

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About Juniper Group is a sub-division of Vela (a CSI division that is publicly traded under TSE:CSU) that focuses on acquisitions of software companies in various verticals and helps them grow in their respective markets. The strategy of the company is to acquire for life software companies that have created mission-critical products and coach the management team to optimize business operations and performance.

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